Welcome to Family Day Care Fun

play kitchen

I am super excited to be returning to working directly with children and being a “home away from home”for little ones in my family day care.

For the past six years, up until February 2016, I worked as a family day care coordinator and educational leader; a role which gave me lots of experience with what parents are looking for in a quality service; extended my knowledge of child development and wellbeing; and opened my eyes to the many facets of providing a quality, customer focused, and most of all fun early learning environment.

I was a family day care educator before (back when we were still known as ‘family day care mums’, ‘carers’, or ‘care providers’) and I also assisted in private child care centres and community C&Ks.  I also have experience as a high school ESL teacher working with newly arrived refugees and migrants, and a primary school French teacher.   Most importantly I am a mum to two wonderful children and I know what it feels like to want the best for your child and to need to know that their days are filled with fun, love, laughter and learning.

My philosophy (which I will soon post in full) centres around building strong relationships with children; working in partnerships with families and my coordination unit; holding high expectations for children’s learning and striving for equity of opportunity; respecting diversity; continuing my own learning and challenging myself through reflective practice.  If you are thinking this sounds very familiar – you are right! My service is guided by Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework and this will be embedded in my day-to-day practice.

“familydaycarefun” will be a space for sharing what is happening in my family day care (and why), ideas for learning experiences, programming and planning, current information on child development, getting the most out of daily routines, teaching sustainability, exciting resources, setting up the environment, and more.



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