Menu plan week beginning 22.02.16

Children are booked to attend on Tuesday and Thursday this week – being my first week of operation, I am still filling up my vacancies and there will be more children starting to attend in the next couple of weeks.

Most of my food will be homemade, and where any food is purchased, I will go for the ‘least processed’ options.  No ingredients list is best (i.e. fresh produce, dairy, grains), or where there is an ingredients list, the fewer ingredients the better.

So here is this week’s morning tea menu (morning tea is included in my fee schedule; lunch and afternoon tea can be provided on request at the cost outlined in my fees.)

Seasonal fruit – apple and banana
Carrot and walnut slice (gf/df) (homemade)

Greek yoghurt with frozen berries
Rice cakes with choice of butter or peanut butter

I’m always happy to receive feedback and suggestions, so parents – if there is any particular food you would like your child to try (or avoid) just let me know.  I’m also grateful for any new ideas or great recipes.


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