Menu – week beginning 18 April 2016

I’m excited about this week’s menu, including a few new recipes. Click on the links for the recipes if you want to see the ingredients (or if you want to have a go at making them yourself!).

Trying new foods is a skill that naturally takes some children longer than others.  There are lots of ways of getting children to try a new food, and they say it takes up to 10 times (or more) of tasting something unfamiliar for children to really be able to decide whether they like it or not.  Introducing a new food along with a preferred food is also a great strategy.

Morning tea:
Monday – cheesy corn and broccoli muffins
Tuesday – fresh cut apple, orange cake bliss balls
Wednesday – seaweed brown rice crackers, sweet potato dip (shop bought) (gf/df)
Thursday – rice cakes with almond butter, stewed apple

Wednesday – butter chicken with extra veges, and rice
Thursday – zucchini & bacon slice


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