Menu plan, week beginning 09 May 2016

Today is Mothers Day and I have had a fantastic day that has been both active and relaxing.  So today’s post is short and sweet, forgive me. 🙂 .  I hope all the mums have had a similarly wonderful day with your families.

Morning tea:
Monday – orange and cinnamon bliss balls
Tuesday – seaweed brown rice crackers with olive dip (gf, df)
Wednesday – choice of stewed or fresh apple with yoghurt or cashews
Thursday – cheese and vegemite scrolls

Monday – corn and broccoli muffins
Tuesday – mashed chicken and veges
Wednesday – corn and broccoli muffins
Thursday – spaghetti bolognaise


Menu plan week beginning 3 May

Broccoli – one of our family’s favourite vegetables

With two long weekends in a row, I hope everyone has been enjoying the extra family time and maybe some special meals.  Family meals are a great way to begin teaching children about a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Get Up and Grow is an Australian government resource with guidelines for children’s eating and physical activity.  I like it because it is practical and easy to read, and has lots of suggestions and great recipes.

Morning tea
Tuesday – rice cakes with  banana or almond butterWednesday – stewed apples and cinnamon with yoghurt or cashews
Thursday – corn and bacon fritters

Tuesday – zucchini and bacon slice
Wednesday – corn and broccoli muffins
Thursday – mashed chicken and veges