Menu plan week beginning 3 May

Broccoli – one of our family’s favourite vegetables

With two long weekends in a row, I hope everyone has been enjoying the extra family time and maybe some special meals.  Family meals are a great way to begin teaching children about a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Get Up and Grow is an Australian government resource with guidelines for children’s eating and physical activity.  I like it because it is practical and easy to read, and has lots of suggestions and great recipes.

Morning tea
Tuesday – rice cakes with  banana or almond butterWednesday – stewed apples and cinnamon with yoghurt or cashews
Thursday – corn and bacon fritters

Tuesday – zucchini and bacon slice
Wednesday – corn and broccoli muffins
Thursday – mashed chicken and veges


Menu week beginning 25 April 2016

Monday is a public holiday so it’s just the three days this week and we’re going with some old favourites again.  My hands down favourite morning tea item at the moment is the orange cake bliss balls – I really should start making double batches.

Morning tea:
Tuesday – seaweed brown rice crackers with home made sweet potato and cashew dip (gf, df)
Wednesday – orange cake bliss balls (I make them without the orange and lemon rind so that the flavour isn’t overpowering for the little ones) and banana
Thursday – corn and bacon fritters

Wednesday – butter chicken with rice and veges
Thursday – beef casserole with mashed potato


Menu – week beginning 18 April 2016

I’m excited about this week’s menu, including a few new recipes. Click on the links for the recipes if you want to see the ingredients (or if you want to have a go at making them yourself!).

Trying new foods is a skill that naturally takes some children longer than others.  There are lots of ways of getting children to try a new food, and they say it takes up to 10 times (or more) of tasting something unfamiliar for children to really be able to decide whether they like it or not.  Introducing a new food along with a preferred food is also a great strategy.

Morning tea:
Monday – cheesy corn and broccoli muffins
Tuesday – fresh cut apple, orange cake bliss balls
Wednesday – seaweed brown rice crackers, sweet potato dip (shop bought) (gf/df)
Thursday – rice cakes with almond butter, stewed apple

Wednesday – butter chicken with extra veges, and rice
Thursday – zucchini & bacon slice

Menu week beginning 11 April

They say ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’!  That sums up this week’s approach to the menu plan!

Morning Tea:
Monday – rice cakes with banana or peanut butter
Tuesday – bliss balls, freshly cut apple
Wednesday (note – different group of children from Monday!) – rice cakes with banana
Thursday – vege fritters

Wednesday – mixed vege mash
Thursday – spaghetti bolognese

Menu week beginning 4 April 2016

Spaghetti bolognese being made with love (and clean hands!)12321688_10154712100222598_5464703826853606502_n.jpg


I love making up menus!  I do one for my family each week and I get so excited about trying new recipes and thinking up ways to use the fresh produce I get from Bill (my awesome fruit and vege guy who has been delivering a mixed box to our family every week for more than 10 years!).

Morning teas:
Monday – Banana with rice cakes
Tuesday – Bliss Balls
Wednesday – Banana with rice cakes (different group of children from Monday – no doubling up!)
Thursday – Corn and bacon fritters

Tuesday – Zucchini and bacon slice
Wednesday – Mashed chicken and veges with homemade gravy
Thursday – Spaghetti bolognese (with lots of veges in the sauce)

Menu week beginning 28 March 2016

I hope everyone had a great long weekend for Easter and didn’t eat too many chocolates!  (Speaking from experience here….).

Lunch is also being supplied this week for those who have requested it… mmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  Everything is home made, just the way I like it.

Morning tea:

Tuesday – bananas with corn thins (for the older children, they can help with mashing the banana)

Wednesday – grain free ANZACS (I managed to hide some from myself in the freezer!)

Thursday – apple crumble


Tuesday – zucchini and bacon slice

Wednesday – spaghetti bolognaise

Thursday – chicken and vegetables

Fresh fruit will also be offered after lunch.

Here’s to another great week, with another new friend joining us in care.  🙂

Morning tea menu week beginning 21 March 2016

Wow things are really ramping up here and it’s my first four-day week with my regular children in care and we are welcoming another friend who is starting care tomorrow.

I’m also introducing a new morning tea item (many thanks to Amy for the recipe) – bacon and corn fritters – and I can say they have the tick of approval from my family who tried them out this morning while I was making them.

Monday – bacon and corn fritters
Tuesday – grain free ANZACS, fresh fruit
Wednesday – fresh fruit, rice pudding
Thursday – banana bread, cashews and sultanas

All the cooked items are home made (with love, of course).  Have a great week everyone.  Keep the suggestions and recipes coming.