Menu plan, week beginning 09 May 2016

Today is Mothers Day and I have had a fantastic day that has been both active and relaxing.  So today’s post is short and sweet, forgive me. 🙂 .  I hope all the mums have had a similarly wonderful day with your families.

Morning tea:
Monday – orange and cinnamon bliss balls
Tuesday – seaweed brown rice crackers with olive dip (gf, df)
Wednesday – choice of stewed or fresh apple with yoghurt or cashews
Thursday – cheese and vegemite scrolls

Monday – corn and broccoli muffins
Tuesday – mashed chicken and veges
Wednesday – corn and broccoli muffins
Thursday – spaghetti bolognaise


Menu plan week beginning 29.02.16

Here is the morning tea menu plan for the week beginning 29 February 2016.

I’m still getting to know what the children like, what they eat at home, and what other foods they are bringing for lunch, so I can provide a balanced and healthy morning tea that will be well received (by children and parents). 🙂

Monday – Apple, banana bread (home made)

Tuesday – Apple, whole meal rice crackers with hummus

Wednesday – Plain Greek yoghurt with blueberries, whole meal rice crackers with hommus

Thursday – Rice pudding, banana

As always, I’m happy for any feedback on my menu.  Have a great weekend everyone, I’m looking forward to my second week of operation and welcoming more new families into my care.